Alpine Explorer

Lift off from our beachfront heli-pads, fly over the township and around the peninsula. Experience unmatched views of Kaikoura through the large bubble windows of the helicopter. Track across the bay, over lush green farmlands and get in amongst the sheer beauty of New Zealand’s fastest growing mountain range – the Kaikoura Seaward Ranges. As we track up the southwest side of Mt Fyffe, you will encounter dramatic views and photo opportunity of the snow capped peaks that tower above you. We will touch down at 3700ft - Mt Fyffe Hut. As you wander around, breathe the fresh air and soak up 360 degrees of mind blowing, panoramic views.

The Alpine Explorer is subject to weather conditions.

Please bring sturdy enclosed shoes and a warm jacket for your alpine landing.

Trip duration:

25 mins - Includes 1 Alpine Landing (optional coastal landing if alpine weather conditions are not suitable)


$150 each with 3+ passengers on board
$225 each with 2 passengers on board

We recommend booking in advance if you wish to fly with others.

Aerial view route map - Click to enlarge