Coastal Whale Watch

Take a moment to wander around and absorb picturesque views of Kaikoura’s rugged coastline from an exclusive landing site 1500ft above sea level. It really is the perfect way to complete your spectacular whale watching experience.

Only with Kaikoura Helicopters, can you be whale watching and within moments be landing on a high hilltop that overlooks the Pacific Ocean, Lake Rotorua and the rugged Kaikoura Coastline, complete with a remarkable backdrop - the Kaikoura Seaward Ranges.

Gain knowledge on the mighty Sperm Whale during a personal 20 minute briefing, before departing our beachfront heli pads.

As we lift off, you will be treated to breathtaking views of the rugged Kaikoura Coastline and within 3 – 5 minutes you will be flying above Kaikoura’s deep-sea canyon, searching for a Giant Sperm Whale as he breaks the surface.

You will be captivated by the remarkable view and photo opportunity of the entire whale from head to tail, as we hover and fly slow orbits uninterruptedly above him.

As we leave the graceful master of the deep, we head towards the coastline in search for a pod of Dusky Dolphins. The nutrient rich waters attract large pods of Dolphins, which is an amazing sight from the air.

Remaining in the dramatic coastal environment, we climb high on track for Riley’s Knob to land. Here you have the opportunity to wander around and absorb the breathtaking vistas.

We welcome families with small children, the elderly, the disabled and those who may suffer from seasickness. From the comfort of our helicopter, you will enjoy the ultimate whale watching experience.

Trip duration:

50 minutes including coastal landing


Contact us for pricing.
We recommend booking in advance if you wish to fly with others.

Aerial view route map - Click to enlarge