Grand Alpine

Discover your sense of adventure and discover Kaikoura’s best kept secret on the Grand Alpine flight.

This flight departs the seaside and travels west on climb for the Kaikoura Seaward and Inland Ranges.

Follow winding rivers, fly over rugged mountainous terrain, and get in amongst the sheer beauty of some of the highest peaks in New Zealand.

Discover the isolated Clarence Valley that is nestled between two mountain ranges, with peaks reaching over 8500ft.

You will be blown away by Lake McRae; it is a hidden gem nestled within the remote Molesworth Station. The pristine turquoise blue lake is a spectacular sight and photo opportunity seen by very few.

From here you will fly over the Clarence River to Quail Flat. Here we will land and show you the historic Clarence Valley cook shop made of clay.

To top off the ultimate alpine experience, we climb high above the Seaward Kaikoura Ranges on track to the summit of Mt Fyffe where we will touch down at 5200ft. As you wander around, breathe the fresh air and soak up 360 degrees of mind blowing, panoramic views of this unique and special place - where the mountains meet the sea.

The Grand Alpine flight is subject to weather conditions.

Please bring sturdy enclosed shoes and a warm jacket for your alpine landing.

Trip duration:

70 minutes including alpine landing


Contact us for pricing.
We recommend booking in advance if you wish to fly with others.

Aerial view route map - Click to enlarge